The history of individual brass bands


  • Various published histories of bands are listed in the Brass Band Bibliography
  • Many current brass bands' websites have pages describing their history. See the Bands directory for these sites.
  • For those interested in researching the history of brass bands, there are a wide range of resources available. See the Historians & researchers page, which includes guidelines for researching the heritage of bands.
  • The History of Brass Bands Facebook Group has a wealth of information submitted by researchers, bandsmen and interested parties
  • A historical directory of nearly 20,000 brass bands is available, with associated details of the bands, and reference to other sources where known.
  • An archive of some bands' histories from their websites is hosted in the IBEW
  • The comprehensive database of the Brass Band Results website provides details of contests over the last 200 years, with the bands, music, venues and conductors.

Scanned vintage histories of selected bands [pdf documents]

Links to historical information about individual brass bands