Extinct brass band organisations

The Bandsmen's Empire Memorial Home and Shrine

(Sponsored by the National Brass Band Club) - "A permanent memorial to the brave lads of the Brass Band World who gave their lives in the 1939-1945 War, Situated in premises over Messrs. Besson, West Street, London W.C. "

[1950] - "First envisaged at a meeting of the National Brass Band Club in July 1947, when it was proposed that some suitable Memorial should be established in remembrance of the Bandsmen who had lost their lives during the late War, A Fund was opened, the target being 25,000. Over 3,000 has been raised so far, and this amount will be spent in furnishing a Home and Shrine in London, This Home will have a Reading Room with a suitable brass band library, a Radiogram, with brass band records, as well as photographs and relics of famous bands. A special room will be set aside as a Shrine in which will rest a Memorial Volume containing the names of fallen Bandsmen. Temporary premises for the Home and Shrine have been secured at Messrs. Besson, West Street (off Charing Cross Road)."

Berkshire and Neighbouring Counties Band Festival Guild

Formed around 1930, and revived with outstanding success in 1946 after a temporary lapse during the War years. The objects of the Guild were to encourage the growth of the Amateur Band Movement within the area of the Guild's activities, to promote a spirit of comradeship among Bands and Bandsmen, to assist Bands to improve their standard of playing by the organisation of Contests, etc., and to give members the benefits of centralised organisation. All amateur Military, Brass, or Brass and Reed Bands within the area covered by the Guild were eligible for membership. Contests were promoted and controlled by the Reading Mercury and Berkshire Chronicle.

Birmingham and District Counties Amateur Bands Association

Established February 1934. First President : Professor C. V. Hely-Hutchinson. Open to brass bands in the counties of Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, and Staffordshire. The objects of the Association were (1) to raise the standard of amateur bands in the above counties; (2) to obtain for the bands belonging to the Association all possible advantages and privileges consequent upon an organised combination; and (3) to foster the spirit of good fellowship amongst its members

British Amateur Brass Band Association

Formed in 1893. One founder member was Ardwick Scottish Brass Band

Forfarshire Amateur Brass Band Association

Formed on 28 May 1897 at the South Port Society's Room, Brechin. Representatives of Arbroath Instrumental, Brechin City, Forfar Instrumental and St Margaret's Old (Lochee) Bands were in attendance. Decided the first contest for the Association would be run at Forfar on 3 July 1897.

Glasgow and Suburban Brass Band Association

Active in 1863

Harrogate and District Brass Band Association

Formed in 1926

Midland Counties Brass Band Association

Active in 1888

The National Brass Band Club

The National Brass Band Club was founded in 1923 in England, by a number of Brass Band stalwarts, namely Herbert Whitely. Their aim was to remain an independent body to protect and monitor the welfare of Brass Bands and players nationally. They became a highly political organization and were to publish the "Contest Book" in 1933, which was to become the Bible for future Brass Band contests.

National League of Bands' Associations

"Affiliated to the International Federation of Popular Musical Societies of Europe and recognised by U.N.E.S.C.O."

Royal Tunbridge Wells and District Band Federation

Known in its earliest days as the Band Contest Committee, was instituted very soon after the end of the First World War. There is no doubt that the enthusiasm then displayed served to make the motto of the Federation, `EVER FORWARD', a truly justifiable one. From our Federation came the birth of the National Bands Federation, which was amalgamated with the League of Bands Association. Contesting Day was fixed, and the first contest was held on the Tunbridge Wells Rangers Football ground in 1921. After that, and until 1950, Contests took place in the Calverly Grounds. By 1934 the Federation had become so consolidated as to encourage the Executive Committee to arrange Autumn Contests, these being held each year until 1938 at Wadhurst in the Memorial Hall, sponsored by the then Wadhurst Town Band. To encourage interest in Banding in East Kent, a contest was arranged in July, 1939, at Margate. During the years of the Second World War, the activities of the Federation were very much curtailed, but in the years since 1946, enthusiasm started to mount again and hopes of regaining interest for Bands in the South were bright. In May, 1951, the experiment was made of holding the Annual Contest in the Assembly Hall, Tunbridge Wells, this proved to be an outstanding success, and the Federation's Annual Contest continued to be held there in May of every year until 1965. One of the chief features of this Contest was the 'In Memoriam' march of the Massed Bands through the Town and laying a wreath at the War Memorial to the memory of the fallen comrades in two World Wars. In November, 1964, as a result of enthusiasm shown by the Executive Committee, the First Winter Contest was held in the White Rock Pavilion, Hastings, again this venture proved to be a success, which encouraged the Federation to continue the Winter Contests. From 1966, the Annual 'May' Contests were held at the White Rock Pavilion, Hastings. As a result of successful negotiations with the Royal Tunbridge Wells Corporation the Federation return to Tunbridge Wells in 1972, presenting their 'Golden Jubilee' Festival and Contest, in the Assembly Hall, on May 13th, 1972. Negotiations have been completed for the 8th Winter Festival and Contest, to be held in the Central Hall, Chatham, on the 11th November, 1972, in association with the Borough of Chatham Corporation. The Feredation can be well proud of its record for the past fifty years, and it will always remember its motto, 'EVER FORWARD', and can look forward to the future with every confidence.

South Wales and Monmouthshire Brass Band Association

Founded in 1891