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  • Historical Research - many articles, scanned documents, and other information - latest articles: Maryville Ladies Band, Anthony Faas Automaton, Lowestoft bands, Lady trombonists, Music at anchor, Fred Midgley Bower's Band, Obrecht Family Band, Mollman 9 Brothers, La Pimposh Band, Forres Town Band, Ulverston Volunteers, Hepworth Ironworks, Distaff Brass Band Bibliography, Roots of Band Contests in Britain, and more.
  • IBEW Blog - latest articles - West Wales Association, Besses in the Sparrows Nest, Bentham Prize Band, Glasgow Royal Blind Asylum Band, Scanned documents, Square formation, Cheshire County Youth Band, Lowestoft Jubilee Sports Contest 1887, Harold Price Band Sergeant, A Polka-Dot Ladies Band, and more...
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  • Vintage Recordings - listings of 78rpm, vinyl and CD recordings
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