History of Brass Bands 
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Flockton United Brass Band 1838-1938


When you come to think of it, for 100 years in our humble village the sounds of music from brass instruments has been heard. The year in which Queen Victoria was crowned.

Here out in the wilds where communication with surrounding districts took days, perhaps months, to get in touch with, perhaps the sounds from the instruments would startle the horses drawing the coaches then. No Telephone. Wireless, even Newspapers were scarce; the mad rush of meehanical modernism had not been born. It was then the Birth of the "Musical Society" took place. Men sought their recreation in the form of Music. We must also remember, all rehearsals at nights, would be done by candlelight, and Bandsmen tramped miles over the rough and stormy roads.

In this this Souvenir book. I have given records of our Band which have taken hours of time of our members to make a Centenary.

Although it might be invidious for many reasons to mention individual names, we do so in all good faith, many more could, of course, be added if we had only the space.

We have learnt a few lessons by our experience and I hope and believe we are now on the road to establishing records which have never before been equaled by any village band.

With all the various experiments we have tried before, and in our time to run a decent Band, we have never met with the one we undertook towards the end of 1934 - 'Contesting'.

The success which attended our efforts, confirmed us in our belief afterwards that Flockton people would support a Band worthy to produce Music of the highest standard.

Now may we, in conclusion extend to you a hearty welcome to our Centenary Celebrations starting June 27th to July 2nd inclusive and also sincerely thank you for your must generous support to Our Fund during our successful run. You will feel sure these have been appreciated very much indeed and we trust you will continue with the same contribution.

On behalf of the Committee,
Charlie Marsden