Highgate Silver Band 
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Highgate Silver Band and Highgate Salvation Army Band
Notes and Queries by Pam Wright

Any comments/suggestions please contact Pam Wright

A. Early references
  1. According to the Salvation Army's 'The Local Officer' of November 1903, it was led by J H Kichenside . There is a photo of the band.
  2. A photo dated August 1903 of the HSAB was published in the book Highgate and Muswell Hill by Schwitzer and Gay
  3. Lisa Chivers who was born in 1908 remembered 'the band playing every Sunday morning'.
  4. By November 1914, Bandmaster Hicks has taken over from Bandmaster Kichenside
  5. In July 1921, mention of Ensign David Robertson taking up duties as Bandmaster

B. Information from trip to Guernsey in June 1919 with links to Frank Dummett

Guernsey Press 7.6.1919
  1. Lt J H Kichenside
  2. band of the Middlesex RAMC Eastern Command
  3. three had made supreme sacrifice including Bandsman Wallis who visited with the band five years ago [no records in 1914 Guernsey Newspapers but HSAB did travel to Guernsey in 1913]
  4. eight members seriously wounded
  5. drummer Timms has served in Dardanelles and Gallipoli (linked with William Dummett who served there?)
  6. bandsman W I Deveto - cornet solo [see below for info on Devoto]
  7. trombone Solo - Sgt J Seabrook
  8. President - Mayor of Hornsey
  9. Vice presidents Earl of Rondelshay (Ronaldsay) and Mr Kennedy Jones MP
The Star 9.6.1919
  1. celebrated Highgate Silver Band a famous combination in pre war days acted for the last two years as the regimental band of the Middlesex RAMVC
The Star 10.6.1919
  1. Possible visit in 1920
  2. Has fine war record - same info on deaths and casualties but mentions one bandsman got mm
  3. JH Kichenside described as Govt assessor for air raids and bombardments

C. Information on the Devotos and other links to the Salvation Army
  1. Maj Louis Devoto had nearly 30 years service as SA officer
  2. Sons William and Wreford were the Bandmaster and Deputy of the Tottenham 1 Salvation Army Band in 1913.
  3. JH Kichenside, J Seabrook snr and jnr and bandsman Wallis were members of the HSAB in 1903

D. Other named people from the Guernsey Articles
  1. Ronaldsay was Lawrence John Lumley Dundas the MP for Hornsey between 1907 and 1916.
  2. W Kennedy Jones was MP for Hornsey in 1919

E. There are five links to JH Kichenside and bands
  1. his connection to the Highgate Salvation Army Band
  2. the Highgate Silver Band is apparently mentioned in an Arsenal programme
  3. HSB in 1919 on trip to Guernsey
  4. as secretary of the Nation Brass Bands Club [Belle Vue] in 1933.
  5. in Salvation Army publication in 1934
  6. also his wife was the pianist in 1913 trip to Guernsey

F. Other information
  1. As this started out as an attempt to find how my grandfather had been part of the band, some information on his family follows.
  2. John and Ada (nee Jacketts) Dummett had William, Frank, Ada, Lilian, Arthur and Dorothy between 1893 and 1908. The Dummetts lived in Hampden Road, Paddington at the time of William's death in 1916. By the 1920s, they were in Kilburn Park Road, Queens Park.
  3. Frank was born in 1896 and as far as I know had hearing problems from birth. I understood this was why he was unfit to serve in WW1 . I remember being told he played the drum for a band linked to Queens Park. I think there were also band links to QPR.
  4. I have been told the uniform he is wearing in later photos and at the time of the 1919 visit, suggest a link to the General Service brigade/National Guard [ie the Dad's Army of WW1]
  5. William worked for the Universal Music Co in Hayes before he enlisted with the London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers). He died of wounds in 1916
  6. Their dad worked for the railways as a stationery engine driver

So a number of questions are still to be answered:
  1. Did the Highgate Silver Band evolve from the Salvation Army Band ? [yes it appears that the change took place around the First World War]
  2. Was JH Kichenside a Salvationist all his life or just up to c 1914. When did he become a lieutenant ? Was it a Salvation Army rank ?
  3. How did Frank Dummett become involved ? It is believed he was a Salvation Army bandsman before WW1, but no band reference naming him has been found
  4. If the Band was originally a Salvation Army one, how did it become linked to the Middlesex Regiment in 1917, even if it was only in a ceremonial capacity ?


  • Five picture postcards of the 1919 Guernsey visit
  • Three photos of Frank Dummett as bandsman with drum
  • Three photos of bands with Frank in a Band, possibly the Highgate Silver Band
  • Hornsey Historical Society; Salvation Army Archives
  • Gavin Holman ; Stephen Kichenside; Guernsey Archives; Chethams Library, Manchester; George Jordan; National Army Museum; Lisa Chivers book