Brass Bands of British Columbia 
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See: History of Brass Bands in British Columbia

Aiyansh Band
Formed in 1887. Also known as Aiyansh Brass Band, Gitlaxt'aamiks Harmonic Silver Band, and Aiyansh Harmonic Silver Band. Transformed into a concert band in the early part of the 20th century.
Alberni Boarding School Band
Alert Bay Industrial School Band
Bella Bella Brass Band
Active in 1905
Bute Inlet Band
Cambie Street Brass Band
Flourished in the 1990s and then disbanded.
Chilliwack (Squiala Band)
Claxton (Skeena River) Band
Coqualeetza Industrial School (Chilliwack) Band
Fort Douglas Band
Active in the 1880/90s
Fort Hope Band
Fountain Band
Gitlaxdamsk Brass Band
Active in 1910
Greenville (Lakkalzap) Band
Hagan (Saanich Day School) Band
Inland Cigar Company Band
Formed in 1895 by the the Inland Cigar Company of Kamloops. This is the only instance in British Columbia of a company sponsored band. Unfortunately, when the company closed down in 1900, so did the band.
Kakawis (Christian Indian School Band)
Kamloops Industrial School Band
Kincolith Band
Formed around 1880 and active through to 1916 at least
Kitimat (Silver Band)
Kitkatla Brass Band
Active around 1911
Kitsumkalum (Skeena River) band
Kootenay Industrial School (St. Eugene Mission, Cranbrook) Band
Kuper Island Industrial School Band
Lillooet Brass Band
Active around 1890
Lytton Band
Masset Band
Metlakatla Brass Band
The first adult First Nations brass band in British Columbia, formed around 1871, and was the model for many other subsequent bands in the area. It continued until at least 1910, despite having lost many member to a mass exodus of the population to found "New Metlakatla" in Alaska in 1887
Mount Currie Band
North Bend Brass Band
Active around 1890
Royal City Band
Disbanded during WW1
Sechelt Mission Band
Active around 1890
Skidegate Band
Formed in 1907
Squamish Brass Band
Formed in 1886
St. Mary's Mission Band
Formed in 1864
Trail Brass Band
Formed in the late 1800's and disbanded in 1976
Vancouver Brass Band
Vernon Fire Brigade Band
Active as a small brass band in the early 1900s. Had transformed to a concert band by 1911
Williams Lake Industrial School (St. Joseph's Mission) Band