History of Brass Bands 
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Rules of the South of England Temperance Brass Band - 1903

  1. That any person wishing to join the band must be a total abstainer.
  2. That any person who is deemed by the bandmaster to be qualified for the band on being proposed and seconded by two members, become a candidate for election by the band.
  3. That the entrance fee be one shilling & a weekly subscription of one penny to be paid quarterly, both of which shall go to the band fund.
  4. That the majority of the band shall have power to transact all business.
  5. That the band being entirely self supporting it is therefore expedient, that all new members provide themselves first with an instrument, & as soon as convenient, provide themselves with clothing and uniform of the band.
  6. The members of the band shall meet not less than two evenings a week for practice, the nights to be decided by a majority of the members.
  7. Any member absenting himself from the practices for two successive nights shall be fined twopence, unless he can produce a reasonable excuse to the band through the secretary.
  8. That it is strictly to be observed that the sounding of instruments between the time of playing is prohibited.
  9. That smoking and indecent language be not allowed in the practice room.
  10. Any member breaking either of the above rules shall be fined one penny
  11. That any member entering a public house while under the control of the bandmaster be fined two shillings & sixpence.
  12. That any member not being at the stand after the time allowed be fined sixpence.
  13. That any member leaving the band at an engagement without permission be fined two shillings.
  14. Any member of the band wishing to bring a friend to the practice room can do so, but on no account can any non-member be allowed in the room during the conducting of business.
  15. That the bandmaster shall be chairman of any & all the meetings that are held, & also to have sole control of the music & playing in every sense of the word, & he will also see that the above rules are strictly adhered to.