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Diaries and Calendars

National Contests

  • Championships - Winners lists of the various national and international brass band championships. Please email me at gavin@ibew.co.uk with any additional information or changes.
  • National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain
    The Championships comprise a series of regional events held each year, between February and April at eight venues around Britain. The Regional Championships are London and Southern Counties, Midlands, North of England, North West, Scotland, Wales, West of England, and Yorkshire. Nearly 600 bands compete in these qualifying contests for the 80 or places in the five sections of the finals.
    The Finals are usually held in September for the four lower divisions and in October for the premier division. In 2011 the Championship Section Finals will be held in the Royal Albert Hall, and the Lower Section Finals (1-4) will be held at Cheltenham Racecourse.
    The Championships are organised by Kapitol Promotions Ltd.
  • The National Youth Brass Band Championships
    The annual Youth Championships are designed for British brass bands with players aged 19 years and under. The contest is usually held at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester. Administered by the British Federation of Brass Bands.
  • British Open Brass Band Championships
    Held in September each year. Championship Section bands compete together with the winner and runner up from the Grand Shield contest held at the Spring Festival in May. The contest is currently held at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham. Contact: Martin Mortimer, 14 Courthope Villas, Wimbledon, SE19 4EH. Tel: +44 (0) 208 879 0105. Email: info@metrobrook.co.uk
  • European Brass Band Championships
    This prestigious international competition attracts the best bands from around Europe. The event is held in a different European city each year in early May (2008 Stavanger, 2009 Ostend, 2010 Linz).
    Contact: Secretary, European Brass Band Association - Berit Handegard, Brakehaugen, 5221 Nesttun-Bergen
  • European Open Championships, is held in Lucerne in Switzerland. For details contact Band Festivals, Postfach, CH-4537 Wiedlisbach, Switzerland, Tel: +41 (0)32 6361120, Fax: +41 (0)32 6362644  
  • Australian National Band Championships - City Hall, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Nederlandse Brassband Kampioenschappen
  • French Open Brass Band Championships - Held in June in the City of Kings, Amboise. Information from AAAB, 48 Rue Rabelais, 37400 Amboise, Loire, France, or Fred Rhodes Tel: +44 (0) 161 620 3199
  • North American Brass Band Association Championships
  • US Open Brass Band Championships
  • Swiss Brass Band Championships - held in November each year