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Learning the trombone


From The Cornet, December 15 1896, p. 6.

Of all the various brass instruments which have been designed by musical, or malevolent ingenuity, there is none within its capacity for inflicting both torture and delight that is comparable to the trombone.

If we combine the yell of the midnight cat, the tearing of a carpet, and the blast of a horse steam whistle, we shall yet fall short of the awful utterances of a trombone in the hands of a beginner. Flesh and blood can not stand it.

It may be summarily remarked that of the eighteen men who have learnt to play the trombone in this country, seventeen died suddenly, and one totally disappeared. It is evident,therefore,that the man who tries to learn the trombone in a civilised community takes his life in his hands, and blows himself into a sudden and useful grave.