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Smokers' delight


First appeared on on 1st April 2007.  

New technology bypasses smoke ban for brass players.

A brilliant new development that blends polymer science, pharmacy and acoustics will be announced tomorrow.

Blend of science and brass

Blending the science behind plastic mouthpieces and nicotine patches has enabled the launch of the new 'NICOLYPE' range of mouthpieces from Clairvaux Trading Ltd and is set to revolutionise brass playing for smokers.

The head scientist, Frenchman Dr. Rigoler Premavril told 4BR of the amazing breakthrough which has been made after years of research: "We know that the British brass bandsman in particular likes his cigarette, and the new laws introducing smoke free zones in pubs and clubs could cause severe withdrawal symptoms. We therefore extracted the active ingredient from nicotine patches and blended them into engineering plastic. Acoustic technicians then designed the mouthpieces."

He went on to state: "The trial mouthpieces have been on extensive test at band clubs in Saddleworth, and our panel report that they gave a full tone throughout the range with no cigarette cravings."

Standard, lite and menthol

The mouthpieces are available to fit all instruments, and in standard, lite and menthol strengths.

David Mann, Chief Executive of the parent company Clairvaux Trading Ltd happens to be the soprano cornet of the Dunchurch Band and he told 4BR: "This would seem to be the answer to brass band smokers dreams. It combines the need for a nicotine fix without having to stop playing. Our band has already seen the benefits, with players now able to play without the need for a cup of tea and a fag for hours on end. The Albert Hall beckons if we can carry on like this!" Full details at: