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Band Room Anecdotes

  • Conductor: "Bob's got a new bass trombone". Tuba player: "Yeah, but the band has the same old Bob."
  • For many years I was a symphony tubist. Often, while the strings or woodwinds are working on passages, the brass is sitting in the back watching. Once our conductor had our principal clarinetist play a particular passage, and he asked the rest of us "Did you hear how he played that? The Bass Trombone, sitting next to me, said "Yeah, he did it on that long black thing". I couldn't keep a straight face the rest of the rehearsal.

  • In an own choice entertainment contest in Scotland, think it was the Whitburn Invitational Contest circa 1978, a rather elderly compère was announcing the pieces about to be played by the band on stage. "Band No. 5 will now feature their Solo Euphonium in a piece called 'Varied Mood'. This was originally composed and dedicated to a very famous euphonium player and, indeed, forms an anagram of his name ....... Ray Woodfield". Ray Woodfield was, of course, the composer, and then Musical Director of the James Shepherd Versatile Brass, the piece having been composed for David Moore. You can imagine the place was in uproar!  

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