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Human Brass Music

Brass music from the nostrils and mouth of Vivian Fisher. Hear it to believe it!

Me Myself And Me Again was actually Vivian Fisher, a 26 year old studio recording engineer and frustrated musician. Despite dabbling on the cornet, french horn, trombone, and piano, Vivian really always wanted to play every instrument. Then, one day when recording a marching brass band in the street, he discovered the sound was actually recorded in segments as the band moved past. This gave him the idea of a multi-track recording of himself impersonating the sound and character of the different parts of a brass band - and Blaze Away was the result.
The 'B' side contains Blaze Away (This is how it's done). These are all the separate sounds Vivian made before merging them to complete the piece of music on side 'A'.

This 7" single recording was issued on the Antic label in 1978. Catalogue no: K11528