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Types of Player

Brown-noserContinually chats with conductorsAlways has a pencil handyReceives favors from management.
EntertainerAttracts attentionNever a boreLikely to get you into trouble.
Know-it-allChecks for misprints in loud, exposed runsConscientiousWill point out your mistakes.
Space CadetStares into spacePleasantShares unusual insights with you.
Show-offPractises before, after and during rehearsalsLots of staminaNever stops playing
Talentless WormTone-deaf and dumbUnfailingly confidentWill never retire.
WhinerComplains constantlyEasily cowedLikely to be your standpartner
StoicDoes job, goes homeDoes job, goes homeSuffers Quietly
Stud/Sex KittenSmiles invitinglyWill sleep with youWill tell everyone