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Politically Correct Musical Works

  1. Britten: Simple Symphony -- Differently Intelligent Symphony
  2. Ethel Smyth: The Wreckers -- The Beachcombers who Benefit from Maritime Misfortune
  3. Holst: The Perfect Fool -- The Ideal but Intellectually Challenged Person
  4. Goetz: Taming of the Shrew -- Pacification of Dissatisfied Partner
  5. Sullivan: Pirates of Penzance -- Independent Maritime Tax Officers of Penzance
  6. Berlioz: The Damnation of Faust -- Community Service Order of Faust
  7. Tchaikovsky: The Queen of Spades -- The Person of Afro-Caribbean
  8. Rossini: The Thieving Magpie -- The Bird with an Alternative Concept of Property Ownership
  9. Vivaldi: The Four Seasons -- Quarterly Meteorological Phenomena
  10. Mozart: Don Giovanni; or, the Dissolute One Punished -- The Behaviour Modification of John, a Morally Challenged Sexually Active Person