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Waltzing Matilda

Some discussions and observations on Australia's well-known national song, Waltzing Matilda.

  • We have suggested that the jolly swagman who went Waltzing Matilda was named in ''Andy sang as he watched, Andy waited till his billy boiled...''
  • 'It's well known he was a Mexican, as in "Juan's a jolly swagman...''
  • Reflecting the origins of the poem, the Swagman really must have been a German rather than someone of Spanish extraction. So his name would have been Hans ("Hans a jolly swagman ...").
  • Wrong! says Robert Leong, ''My great-grandfather's third cousin came to Australia to build the railroads and go gold prospecting, and all his descendants know that Wong's The Jolly Swagman...''
  • Mrs L. Jackson wrote: ''I am surprised you don't know it was an English royal, travelling incognito, as in One's a Jolly Swagman.''
  • Swagman's relatives hit back - Mr Wesley Bone wanted to stop the publicising of his namesake, Wes, the Jolly Jumbuck. "Hasn't he suffered enough?"
  • The swagman's brother - 'Is there some family connection between Juan, The Jolly Swagman and Raul Britannia?
  • What about Wal? Hardly anybody in the story says anything without immediately pausing and requesting Wal, sing 'Matilda'.