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Brass Band Adjudicators

Do you have what it takes to be a brass band adjudicator? Following recent criticism of the standard of adjudicating we at the Department for Examining Adjudication Fairness (D.E.A.F.) have devised the following assessment test for prospective judges....

  1. Are you...
    1. A practising musician with a wealth of current experience?
    2. A retired administrator who won a few pots in the 50's and 60's?
    3. Free most Saturdays?
  2. What should you listen for in a performance?
    1. A satisfying musical experience shaped by the conductor and players to best convey the composers intentions.
    2. You have to listen?
    3. Pardon?
  3. What is your favourite T.V. programme?
    1. I don't have time to watch T.V. I'm too busy giving concerts and making music.
    2. Anything which doesn't require much concentration.
    3. Opportunity Knocks. That clapometer was foolproof.
  4. Your ideal band....
    1. adapts it's approach, sound, style and tone colour to suit the music being played.
    2. sounds like an old 78
    3. is dead.
  5. How do you get to know the score before adjudicating?
    1. Study the work's structure and form and further develop your understanding of it by working on the music with a good band.
    2. You should get to know the score?
    3. What's a score?
  6. If you cannot decide on a winner do you...
    1. admit you are just not up to it and never do it again?
    2. count up the split notes?
    3. blame it on the other judges?
  7. Adjudicators should be...
    1. well respected professional musicians.
    2. shot.
    3. old.
  8. Bands drawn early are...
    1. just as likely to impress you as any others.
    2. a good way of letting you get to know the music.
    3. unlucky.
  9. Conductors who abuse the composers intentions should be...
    1. deported.
    2. castigated for trying on cheap tricks.
    3. given 1st prize for being inventive.
  10. Adjudicators remarks are...
    1. useful to remind yourself of your impression of each band's performance.
    2. useful to remind soloists where they split notes.
    3. copied from the judge sitting next to you.


Mostly A's
You are obviously over qualified for the job and have no real conception of the responsibilities of a brass band adjudicator. Apply again in 40 years when both your embouchure and hearing have given out.

Mostly B's
You are learning quickly and well on the road to reaching the standard required for the job.

Mostly C's
You have fully grasped the qualities required for this job and can now expect to while away your twilight years sitting in judgement over and passing on your experience to others less fortunate than yourselves.

With thanks to Andy Snell.