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Misprinted Music Library Catalogue Entries

  • Overture by Cluck
  • Divertimenti for Doind (the last word should have been "strings"!)
  • Moko perpetuo (arrenge by Forbes)
  • Sally in our alley and ripe
  • It's Essy to play Guitar
  • Dijerkimenko
  • Werka Pur Klavier su yer Handen
  • Overture to Du Treischut [should be Der Freischutz]
  • Clarinet converto
  • The Peasant Contota
  • Sonny spiett ant
  • Samson by Henry Friedrich Handel
  • Soles on the Church Candators of J.S. Bach
  • String quartet un bamajor by Cyril Bradley Rootham
  • Orlando Gibbons: First set of madrigals and motels
  • Napoli: Site for piano
  • Temistoole
  • The vast book of Elizabethan songs
  • Valse Triste for violin corcello and piano
  • Robert Schumann: Scenes from Childbirth