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Hymns for Occupations

The Weathermans Hymn"There shall be Showers of Blessing
The Tailor's Hymn "Holy, Holy, Holy"
The Politician's Hymn "Standing on the Promises"
The IRS agent's Hymn "I Surrender All
The Electrician's Hymn "Send the Light"
The Shopper's Hymn "Sweet Buy and Buy"
The Skirt Hymn "Love Lifted Me"
Golfer's Hymn"There is a Green Hill Far Away"
Dentist's Hymn"Crown Him with Many Crowns"
Ob/Gyn's Hymn"Come, Labour On"
Bar Patron's Hymn"Fill My Cup"
Optometrist's Hymn"O How I Long to See" or "Open my eyes That I may See"
Gossip Columnist's Hymn"I Love to Tell the Story"
Contractor's Hymn"How Firm a Foundation"
Firefighter's Hymn"It Only Takes a Spark"
Undertaker's Hymn"Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence"
Carpenter's Hymn"Behold the Wood"
Surfer's Hymn"Come to the Water"
Lawn Service Hymn"Just Like a Deer(e)"
Decorator's Hymn"How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place"
Baker's Hymn"Taste and See"

This list "discovered" by W. Scott Ponzani.