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Test Yourself for Music Addiction

Playing music seems to have become our "drug of choice". In case you are wondering if you have a music dependency problem, you might want to take the following self-test.

What are the signs of Musicolism?

The MD (Music Dependency) Self Test

Here is a self-test to help you review the role music plays in your life. These questions incorporate many of the common symptoms of musicolism. This test is intended to help you determine if you or someone you know needs to find out more about musicolism; it is not intended to be used to establish the diagnosis of musicolism.

  1. Do you ever indulge heavily when you are disappointed, under pressure or have had a quarrel with someone?
  2. Can you handle more music now than when you first started to play?
  3. Does your spouse or significant other resent your music?
  4. When playing with other people, do you try to get in few extra licks?
  5. Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable when music is not available?
  6. Are you in more of a hurry to get your first tune of the day than you used to be?
  7. Do you sometimes feel a little guilty about your music?
  8. Has a family member or close friend ever expressed concern or complained about your playing?
  9. Do you avoid parties or gatherings where you can't play music?
  10. Do you sometimes have memory blackouts about tune names?
  11. Do you often want to continue playing after your friends say they've had enough?
  12. Do you ever find yourself spending money on music that was budgeted for something else?
  13. Do you usually have a reason for occasions when you play heavily?
  14. Have you tried switching instruments or changing styles to control your music habit?
  15. Have you sometimes failed to keep promises you made to yourself about controlling or cutting down on your playing?
  16. Do you try to avoid family or close friends while you're playing?
  17. Do you think about music while you're at work?
  18. Does your involvement in music create financial, work, school and/or family problems ?
  19. Do you eat very little or irregularly while you are playing music?
  20. Do wake up in the morning with a tune in your head or thinking about the next opportunity to play music?
  21. Do you sometimes attend events where you play music continuously for several days at a time?
  22. After periods of playing music do you sometimes hear tunes although no one is playing?
  23. Do you keep hidden instruments at home or work?
  24. Have you ever gone to anyone for help about your music?
  25. Do you ever feel depressed or anxious, before, during or after periods of heavy music indulgence?

A "yes" answer indicates you may be at greater risk for musicolism. More than one "yes" answer may indicate the presence of a music-related problem or musicolism, and the need for consultation with musicolism professional.

Maybe we should start a support group.

Written by Sharon Goldwasser (from the Irish Traditional Music List)