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Instrument Colloquialisms

(provided by various members of the brass band mailing list from their own experiences)

BagpipesAgony Bag
BagpipesDudelsack (German)
BagpipesHighland Saxophone
BagpipesPorridge Organ
Baritones1st or 2nd Wheelbarrows
Bass TromboneLead Balloon
BassoonF**ting Bedpost (apt and accurate!!)
BassoonKeyed Didgeridoo
Cracking partBugger of a Bit
Eb Tenor HornDog Horn (because you can make it bark)
EuphoniumIron Cello
French HornTin Viola
The following collection was provided by R Thomas
Northern HemisphereSouthern Hemisphere
Gala ConcertGalah Concert
Sheep in Oz!Sheep in NZ!
(Where the men are men and the sheep are nervous)
Lottery GrantChook raffle
Baritone CaseEsky
2nd Baritone CaseSpare Esky
Baritone PlayerEsky carrier
UniformsBattle rig
Cut back uniform dress jacketsBum freezers
Concert jacketsGiggle jackets
Bass DrumSpare podium
TromboneSludge pump
Tuba CaseBIG Esky
MDManic Depressive
Flugel HornFugel Horn