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Advantages of being an Eb Soprano Player

Have you ever noticed how the soprano player is always located on the outside of the band, closest to the audience. This is good for many reasons:

  1. If there is a fire you can make it to the door in time instead of being toast like the BBbs.
  2. Nobody sits behind you honking in your ear.
  3. If the solo cornets get mouthy you can direct a chastening blast beyond the pain threshold.
  4. You can easily check out any cute babes/guys in the audience.
  5. If you are hitting a really good high C you can turn toward the audience slightly and let it rip.
  6. You can get out and to the parking lot after the concert faster.
  7. Lots of room to your right for mutes, water bottles, cornet stands and a little table for your beer.
  8. Being up front usually suits the soprano players ego.
  9. If necessary you can give a disapproving glance to anyone in the band without the MD noticing.
  10. If you have to go to the washroom bad you can get there first at the break.
  11. same as #10 but you get to the bar first.
  12. same as #10 but you get to the free food and coffee/tea first.
  13. It's as far away as you can get from the Bass Trombone.

Graham J.Young