The British National Championships 
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The British National Championships

The National Championships Challenge Trophy

The National Brass Band Championship Finals are held each year in the autumn. In recent years the lower section finals have been held at the Harrogate International Conference Centre, in September, with the Championship section final in the Royal Albert Hall in London in October. The competing bands have all, with the exception of the previous year's Champion Band of Great Britain, won their place in the finals by gaining first or second place in one of the eight Regional Championships held in the spring each year.

The National Championships: 104 Facts and Figures

Year Champion Band Conductor Test Piece
2011  Breath of Souls - Paul Lovatt-Cooper
2010Brighouse & RastrickDavid KingTerras Australis - Martin Ellerby
2009Black DykeDr. Nicholas ChildsTorchbearers - Peter Graham
2008Black DykeDr. Nicholas ChildsConcertino for Brass Band - Kenneth Downie
2007Grimethorpe Colliery Allan WithingtonMusic for Battle Creek - Philip Sparke
2006Grimethorpe Colliery UK Coal BandAllan WithingtonLes Francs Juges - Hector Berlioz, arr. Frank Wright
2005Leyland BandRussell GrayEden - John Pickard
2004Black Dyke BandNicholas Childs'...all the flowers of the mountain...' - Michael Ball
2003Fairey FP (Music)Allan WithingtonTheme and Variations from "The Enigma" - E Elgar arr. Eric Ball
2002Williams Fairey EngineeringAllan WithingtonMasquerade - Philip Wilby
2001Black DykeNicholas ChildsAlbion - Jan Van der Roost
2000Buy As You View CoryRobert ChildsHarrison's Dream - Peter Graham
1999Fodens (Courtois)Nicholas ChildsConcerto for Band no.1 opus 44 - Derek Bourgeois
1998Brighouse and RastrickA WithingtonBetween the Moon and Mexico - P Sparke
1997Brighouse and RastrickA WithingtonLegends & Myths on Alderley Edge - P Graham
1996CWS (Glasgow) BandHoward SnellIsaiah 40 (Redhead)
1995Black Dyke MillsJames WatsonSongs for BL (Howarth)
1994Black Dyke MillsJames WatsonTheme and Co-operation - J Horovitz
1993Williams Fairey EngineeringMajor Peter ParkesThe Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Bourgeois)
1992Grimethorpe Colliery BandFrank RentonThe New Jerusalem - P Wilby
1991Desford Colliery CaterpillarJames WatsonEnergy (Simpson)
1990CWS (Glasgow) BandJohn HudsonEnglish Heritage (Lloyd)
1989Desford Colliery CaterpillarJames WatsonOdin (Butterworth)
1988Desford Colliery DowtyJames WatsonSeascapes (Steadman-Allen)
1987Desford Colliery DowtyJames WatsonHarmony Music - P Sparke
1986Fairey Engineering WorksRoy NewsomeDiversions (Bourgeois)
1985Black Dyke MillsMajor Peter ParkesCloudcatcher Fells - J McCabe
1984The Cory BandArthur KenneyDances and Arias - E Gregson
1983The Cory BandArthur KenneyBallet for Band - J Horovitz
1982The Cory BandArthur KenneyContest Music - W Heaton
1981Black Dyke MillsMajor Peter ParkesBlitz - D Bourgeois
1980Brighouse and RastrickDerek BroadbentCarnival (Dvorak/Brand)
1979Black Dyke MillsMajor Peter ParkesVolcano (Simpson)
1978Yorkshire Imperial MetalsDennis CarrFour Dances from Checkmate (Bliss)
1977Black Dyke MillsMajor Peter ParkesConnotations for Brass Band - E Gregson
1976Black Dyke MillsMajor Peter ParkesSinfonietta for Brass Band "The Wayfarer" - E Ball
1975Black Dyke MillsMajor Peter ParkesUne Vie de Matelot (Farnon)
1974The Cory BandMajor H.A.KenneyFantasy for Brass Band (Arnold)
1973Brighouse and RastrickJames ScottFreedom - H Bath
1972Black Dyke MillsGeoffrey BrandA Kensington Concerto - E Ball
1971Wingates TemperanceDennis SmithLe Roi D'Ys - E Lalo
1970Grimethorpe CollieryGeorge ThompsonPride of Youth (Jacob)
1969Brighouse and RastrickWalter HargreavesHigh Peak - E Ball
1968Brighouse and RastrickWalter HargreavesPrelude from the Mastersingers - R Wagner
1967Black Dyke MillsGeoffrey BrandJourney into Freedom - E Ball
1966GUS (Footwear)Stanley BoddingtonLe Carnival Romain - H Berlioz
1965The Fairey BandLeonard LambTriumphant Rhapsody - G Vinter
1964GUS (Footwear)Stanley BoddingtonVariations on a Ninth - G Vinter
1963CWS ManchesterAlex MortimerBelmont Variations (Bliss)
1962CWS ManchesterAlex MortimerThe Force of Destiny (Verdi)
1961Black Dyke MillsGH WillcocksLes Francs Juges - H Berlioz
1960Munn and Felton'sStanley BoddingtonThree Figures (Howells)
1959Black Dyke MillsGH WillcocksLe Roi D'Ys - E Lalo
1958Foden's Motor WorksRex MortimerVariations on the Shining River (Rubbra)
1957Munn and Felton'sStanley BoddingtonVariations for Brass Band (V Williams)
1956Fairey AviationGH WillcocksFestival Music - E Ball
1955Munn and Felton'sHarry MortimerBlackfriars (Cundell)
1954Fairey AviationHarry MortimerSovereign Heritage (Beever)
1953Foden's Motor WorksHarry MortimerDiadem of Gold (Bailey)
1952Fairey AviationHarry MortimerFrogs of Aristophanes (Bantock)
1951Black Dyke MillsAlex MortimerAn Epic Symphony - P Fletcher
1950Foden's Motor WorksHarry MortimerPageantry (Howells)
1949Black Dyke MillsHarry MortimerComedy Overture (Ireland)
1948Black Dyke MillsHarry MortimerOn the Cornish Coast - H Geehl
1947Black Dyke MillsHarry MortimerFreedom - H Bath
1946Brighouse and RastrickEric BallOliver Cromwell - H Geehl
1945Fairey AviationHarry MortimerOverture for an Epic Occasion (Wright)
1944  (no contest)  
1943  (no contest)  
1942  (no contest)  
1941  (no contest)  
1940  (no contest)  
1939  (no contest)  
1938Foden's Motor WorksFred MortimerAn Epic Symphony - P Fletcher
1937Foden's Motor WorksFred MortimerPageantry (Howells)
1936Foden's Motor WorksFred MortimerKenilworth (Bliss)
1935Munn and Felton'sWilliam HalliwellPride of Race (Wright)
1934Foden's Motor WorksFred MortimerComedy Overture (Ireland)
1933Foden's Motor WorksFred MortimerPrometheus Unbound (Bantock)
1932Foden's Motor WorksFred MortimerA Downland Suite (Ireland)
1931Wingates TemperanceH MossHonour and Glory - H Bath
1930Foden's Motor WorksFred MortimerSevern Suite (Elgar)
1929Carlisle St StephensW LowesVictory - C Jenkins
1928Black Dyke MillsWilliam HalliwellA Moorside Suite - G Holst
1927Carlisle St StephensW LowesThe White Rider (Wright)
1926St Hilda CollieryJ OliverAn Epic Symphony - P Fletcher
1925Marsden CollieryJA GreenwoodJoan of Arc (Wright)
1924St Hilda CollieryWilliam HalliwellOn the Cornish Coast - H Geehl
1923Luton Red CrossWilliam HalliwellOliver Cromwell - H Geehl
1922Horwich Railway Mechanics Institute (RMI)JA GreenwoodFreedom - H Bath
1921St Hilda CollieryWilliam HalliwellLife Divine - C Jenkins
1920St Hilda CollieryWilliam HalliwellCoriolanus - C Jenkins
1919  (no contest)  
1918  (no contest)  
1917  (no contest)  
1916  (no contest)  
1915  (no contest)  
1914  (no contest)  
1913Irwell SpringsWilliam HalliwellLabour and Love - P Fletcher
1912St Hilda CollieryWilliam HalliwellWilliam Tell (Rossini)
1911Perfection Soap WorksWilliam HalliwellLes Huguenots (Meyerbeer)
1910Foden's Motor WorksWilliam HalliwellGems of Schubert
1909ShawWilliam RimmerFlying Dutchman - R Wagner
1908Irwell SpringsWilliam RimmerRienzi - R Wagner
1907Wingates TemperanceWilliam RimmerGems of Schumann
1906Wingates TemperanceWilliam RimmerGems of Chopin
1905Irwell SpringsWilliam RimmerRoland Ronceveaux
1904Hebburn CollieryA HoldenGrand Selection (Mendelssohn)
1903Besses o' th' BarnAlex OwenDie Meistersinger - R Wagner
1902Black Dyke MillsJohn GladneyHiawatha (Coleridge-Taylor)
1901Lee MountW SwinglerGems from Sullivan's Operas, No.3
1900Denton OriginalAlex OwenBeauties of Sullivan

Prior to 1900 Enderby Jackson had run a series of contests at the Crystal Palace:

Year The National Contest
Champion Band
The Sydenham Amateur Contest
Champion Band
1860Black Dyke MillsCyfarthfa
1861SaltaireMarriner's, Keighley
1862Chesterfield Rifle Corps-