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Bar Lines

First in a series of (probably) one.

Following Band practice a number of us go for a drink, and after the usual moans and groans (work, partners, Inland Revenue etc.) the old Banding stories start coming out. It is my intention to record some of these - no names will be mentioned but all are true, and come from Bandsmen who do or have played with Harrogate Band.

  • A band was so sick of practicing a piece (they had no chance of ever playing) that one member advertised the full set of music for free in a local newspaper.
  • During a contest performance the Solo Cornet player got lost - The Conductor kept telling him where he should be, "we are at letter E!", "we are at letter G!!". As he brought the performance to an end, and the audience applauded, the Conductor turned to the Solo Cornet player and shouted "YOU STILL DON'T KNOW WHERE THE BLOODY HELL WE ARE!"
  • A Soloist was persuaded to wander amongst the Audience as he played his solo. Slightly worried, he asked if the music could be put on a stand in case he forgot some of it. This was duly done, and halfway through his performance he wandered back to the music stand just to refresh his memory. It was hilarious to see him trying to read the music that had been placed on the stand upside down!
  • The place - Wetherby Bandstand, The band - Harrogate, The Soloist begins his performance. The first few bars were his alone and as his sonorous tones entranced the audience he held them spellbound waiting for the bass line to come in and move the music along. He waited and waited, and eventually the band joined in with Happy Birthday To You. It was his birthday, and he was stitched up good and proper. He thought they were his friends - he should have known better!

Collected by Keith Graham - baritone extraordinaire